David Pare

Senior Vice President - Markets & Products

Mr. Pare is responsible for strengthening IPG’s current and future market position by proactively organizing the company’s resources and activities to identify and penetrate attractive markets, determine client needs and ensure the company’s ability to offer suitable products and services to satisfy these needs.

In this capacity, Mr. Pare’s department is responsible for: researching, evaluating and training on all subjects related to markets and planning concepts, including local tax environments, life insurance legal definitions and taxation, local competitive environments and local political, economic and social landscapes. Mr. Pare oversees the development and maintenance of IPG’s extensive marketing library, including the marketing materials necessary to assist consultants and staff efficiently market to their clients and the IPG’s referral partners. Additionally, Mr. Pare’s department is responsible for providing producers with sales support, including case specific product and plan design consultation; and maintaining, evaluating and developing the company’s life insurance product portfolio, including areas related to carrier strength and attractiveness, pricing competitiveness, contract design and product development.

Mr. Pare joined IPG in 2001 as a Product Analyst working with the company’s field consultants to aid them in the design and development of product and structuring solutions to meet clients’ life insurance based planning needs.

Prior to joining the company, Mr. Pare was a Financial Advisor at UBS where he provided personalized planning advice; equity, debt and derivative investment strategy consultation and lending solutions to aid clients in meeting their wealth management objectives.

Mr. Pare is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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