Our Expertise 

Unparallelled Capabilities and Experience 


International Planning Group's global platform provides our clients access to the world’s leading planning, product and service capabilities delivered through a team of highly experienced professionals.  Clients trust and use us because of our in-depth product, tax and legal knowledge of more than 70 markets.  Our team consists of industry leading wealth transfer planning specialists with backgrounds in banking, law, tax, insurance and fiduciary services.  

In recognition of our expertise, private banks, brokers, family offices, independent financial advisors, law firms and tax professionals around the globe partner with IPG to assist their high net worth clients in developing efficient wealth planning solutions.

Needs-Based Planning 
Asset Diversification 
Asset Diversification 
Family Security
Blended Family 
Business Continuity
Inheritance Equalization
Debt Repayment
Inheritance/Estate Tax Funding
Tax Optimization & Cross Border Planning

Customized Solutions

Your wealth planning solutions should be as unique as your specific situation, preferences and goals.

To develop effective and innovative long-term strategies, IPG designs wealth planning solutions with the following key characteristics: 

Plan assets are managed by regulated and highly rated international companies


Solutions are designed to adapt as your needs and objectives change over time


Solutions often provide favorable tax and cost benefits


Plans are designed to deliver liquidity precisely when needed


Solutions are clear, understandable and supported by contractual agreements


Our best-in-class solutions are available only to qualified high net worth clients


Collaborative Process

Systematic Process Results in Plan with Long-Term Benefits

  • Strategy Development

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Solution Vetting

  • Recommendation

Our planning process is comprehensive in order to ensure all solutions are suitable to your needs.  Our professional and experienced representatives guide you, your advisers, and family members, where appropriate, through the planning process.  This ensures all parties understand the purpose of the planning and how the solution meets the identified objectives.

Our role doesn't end once the solution is implemented.  IPG's plan monitoring and client service programs ensure appropriate modifications are made to adapt to your circumstances over time.  

Solution Development
Need Assessment & Objective Identification
  • Needs & Objectives

  • Situational Analysis

  • Prioritization of Goals

Plan Implementation
  • Plan Logistics 

  • Pricing Negotiations on client's behalf

  • Document Completion

Discovery & Fact Finding
  • Family Structure

  • Citizenship & Residency

  • Assets & Liabilities

  • Existing Plans & Structures

Monitoring & Service
  • Plan Performance Review

  • Objective Modifications (as necessary due to life changes)

  • Plan Amendments (as needed)

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